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Premier League

Breaking News: Tottenham Close To Ending Leicester Top 4 Dream As Leicester Loses 3-0 At First Half

The 1st goal came as own goal from James Justin and the 2nd and 3rd from Harry Kane and both assisted by Lucas Moira

Points Of Top 4 Battling Teams And Position

Chelsea 63 point, 3rd placed, GD 15, Two outstanding

Manchester United 62 points, 4th placed, GD 28, Two outstanding

Leicester 62 points, 5th placed, GD 28, One outstanding

Leicester at 4th position before the match will remain in 4th position should Manchester United lose to West Ham United but if otherwise they will be placed at 5 Position as Manchester United will climb to 4th position and their qualification will be dependent on 2 things;

Which will be determined by Chelsea's match outcome.

1 Should Chelsea lose all their 2 outstanding matches and,

2. If one comes through they they will have to draw Manchester United to qualify.

On the other hand, if Manchester United lose to West Ham United they will have to Win or draw Manchester United as their GD is 28.

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