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2 Reasons Why Arsenal Will Defeats Man City, Chelsea Will Defeats Man United

The FA Cup Semi-final clash today, between Arsenal and Manchester City won't be as usual, even though the Gunners is seen as under dog. The Arsenal side has lost 6 of their previous meetings to the Manchester City side but this time around it will be a different ball game entirely. The Blues had also lost the Manchester United side 3 times this season, so, Chelsea is also seen as under dog. I have a reason why I said Arsenal will defeat Manchester City, Chelsea will also, defeat Manchester United, and these are my reasons.

First, Arsenal and Chelsea, both have records when it comes to FA Cup, especially in the Wembley stadium. The Gunners and the Blues, most times defeats their opponents no matter how strong/good they are. History will repeat itself again. In fact I will say that Wembley is like Stamford Bridge during the time of Jose Mourinho first time in Chelsea to the Blues, where is very difficult for them to lost at home. The Gunners also had a good record also, believe me, am seeing Arsenal, Chelsea at the final.

Second, The Arsenal head-coach Mikel Arteta, will want to prove to the world that he is one of Gaudiola's back bone when he was the assistant coach to Gaudiola. Arteta will also, send a message to Man City that the Arsenal team under his care, is not an under dog. Likewise Frank Lampard will also, send a message to the world that, despite their inconsistencies this season, Chelsea should not be underrated. Watch out for the game tonight, Arsenal vs Manchester City, 7:45pm, at Wembley stadium.

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