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Top 10 Best Dribblers In World Football

The world of football has witness some best dribblers in decade. Ronaldinho, Franck Ribéry, Lionel Messi and Neymar are some of the prominent names in this regard. Since then, sports have evolved to the point where even rookie players can challenge themselves. To the past of dribbling. This raises your stake as players try to break through their opponents' lineup and create opportunities to score goals. The art of dribbling has witnessed a change in perspective from the additional attributes of the player's game style. Dribbling ability has a lot of weight when it comes to scouting the right players for the right club. Today we will look at the top 10 soccer dribbles in the world, purely statistically. 

10. JonathanIkone (LOSC Lille) 

A European French champion under the age of 17 Jonathan Ikone is in command of the middle of Lille this season. The young French plays an aggressive role, but he is more than a box-to-box. A Midfielder who stops by to defend his team whenever they are attacked by an enemy. 21-year-old Nabil Fekir (Real Betis) 

Real Betis Baronpie's Nabil Fekir celebrates after scoring Riga's goal against Barcelona. Betis has benefited a lot since its arrival. This is evidenced by the fact that former Lyon players achieved 110 dribbles with a 66.36% success rate, 7 goals and 3 assists in La Riga this season. One of the best expected goal stats (27.5) In European football, Fekir was a midfield revelation, thanks to his outstanding passing ability. 

8. Gaetano Castrovilli (Fiorentina) 

 Italy's Gaetano Castrovilli, the hottest midfielder, is one of the most promising central midfielders in Serie A. He is all Roberto Baggio, Louis Costa and Gabriel Batistuta. Castrobili, who works in the center of the field, achieved 103 dribbles with a 74% success rate. This is more than some of the legends of active play in the game. With Serie A and 5 direct goal contributions (3 goals and 2 assists) this season in the 51 shot-making action, Italy may have just found their next midfield maestro. 

7. Allan Saint-Maximin (Newcastle United) 

 23-year-old attacker Allan Saint-Maximin. -Maximin, who gained fame in the UK this season, achieved 127 dribbles with a success rate of 63%. These are impressive numbers when compared to the fairly average Newcastle in this regard. San Maximin has 396 action to make shots for every ninety minutes in the Premier League. He is touted to be the next major import in England if he happens to join a top 6 club soon.

6. Neymar (Paris Saint-Germain) 

Neymar is one of the best dribblers and Top 5 players in world football over the last decade. The Brazilian starlet has made 148 dribbles with a 61% success rate this season in all competitions. Paris midfielder Saint-Germain left Barcelona a few years ago, in the world. the most expensive transfer deal ever. Therefore, Neymar's performances have had a significant impact on the club in France, along with the performance of French wonder child Kylian Mbappe.

The 28-year-old player's career has been plagued with injuries since he arrived in France, but his statistics show his abilities very accurately. Neymar has 18 goals and eight assists in 22 appearances for Paris Saint-Germain in all competitions this season. These are impressive numbers because the Brazilian has been marginalized for much of the season due to injury. With Barcelona looking to bring him back to Spain, there is no limit to what Neymar can achieve in the remainder of his playing career. 

5. Emiliano Buendia (Norwich)

The lack of depth in their team is one of the main reasons for their downfall. Norwich has been home to some of the best young talent this season: Todd Cantwell and Max Aarons. 129 dribble achievements with 71% success this season. The Argentine midfielder, who is often seen on the right wing, is a playmaker, who has helped seven EPLs this season. 

4. Jeremy Boga (Sassuolo) 

 Italian club US Sassuolo's Jeremy Boga is next to the list of the best dribblers in the world. Born in France, Ivory Coast International made 166 dribbles with a 64% success rate in Serie A this season. Boga is a talent waiting to thrive in Europe at a Champions League qualified club. Especially in the Premier League, where dribbling ability is greatly rewarded, it is doubtful that Boga will enhance the team's offensive ability 

3. Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona) 

 World football stats are a conservative expression to describe Lionel Messi. Messi continues to play False Nine in Barcelona, ​​while longtime rival Cristiano Ronaldo has moved to a more goal-scoring role in Turin. The 2019 Ballon d'Or winner achieved 163 dribbles with a 72% success rate in all competitions this season. These numbers suggest that the petite Argentine hasn't lost his touch in spite of 10 years. And half of professional soccer. With 24 goals and 15 assists, Advance Forward sets a new record almost every week. The 82.2% Messipass success rate is evidence of his contribution to his teammates. Meshi is typical of the idea that the best dribble players in the world are standing 

2. Wilfried Zaha (Crystal Palace) 

 The list of the best dribblers in this world football probably includes the best active dribbler Wilfried Zaha Without it, it is incomplete. England: A former Manchester United player who failed to maintain his position in the Red Devils lineup proved valuable as the first choice on the left at Crystal Palace. This season he achieved an astonishing 219 dribbles. The best in European football, his success rate is 62%. Ivorian has a desire to switch to the top six clubs in British football, reducing the high transfer demand at the palace. So far his achievements for Selhurst Park. 

1. Adama Traore (Wolverhampton Wanderers)

 Two-legged athletes turning 28 this year could have a bigger impact in the coming years. He's a very versatile player, proven to play false nine roles behind the wing or striker. Statistically, he is currently the best dribbling player in the world. The Wolves' winger has the most successful dribbles (145) in world football this season, and his 74% success rate is the best dribble rate of all players. With at least 20 dribbles this year, Spain has won about 3 of the 4 dribbles, taking Wolf to a whole different level with 13 direct contributions to his name.

The Premier League club has since developed into a world-class winger and the regular seat of the Spanish national team is expected to come soon. Become a recognized force in world football. 

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