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Why Thomas Tuchel Might Be Getting In Trouble With The English FA Because Of Referee Anthony Taylor

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel is very likely to get in trouble with the England Football Association because of Anthony Taylor.

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I'm sure Chelsea fans would be thinking, "what exactly has Anthony Taylor done to them this time?" But the truth is, the referee knows nothing about this one.

Thomas Tuchel seem to be the architect of his own possible problem with the credit: getty images

As we all know, before the London derby clash between Brentford and Chelsea, there were concerns from chelsea fans that the referee assigned to the game, Anthony Taylor, is someone who has some kind of agenda against them.

It is because of this allegation that over 80,000 Chelsea fans signed a petition to have him banned from officiating their Premier league matches after their 1-1 draw with Liverpool earlier this season.

Before the derby on Saturday, Tuchel was asked by reporters, what he feels about Anthony Taylor refereeing the match and he gave them his credit:

"I trust in the referees and I trust in Anthony Taylor that he will try to have the best performance."

"Do we need a top referee? Yes. Do we need good decisions from VAR or maybe no decisions from VAR? Yes. Do we need a little bit of luck? Yes. And, hopefully, we can turn things around with Anthony Taylor."

This is all he said about Anthony Taylor and even though he did not say anything wrong, his words might put him in trouble wit the credit: getty images

This is because of the FA guidance that states: "Any pre-match comments in the media or on social media concerning an appointed match official, whether they are identified by name or implication, will be treated as a breach of FA Rule E3.1"

But because all Tuchel did was answer a question thrown at him by the English press and also the fact that he's new to the Premier League and may not have known this, there may just be a way out for credit: getty images

In defence of the breach of this FA rule, the FA states that it has the power to "issue a charge or formal warning; remind them of their responsibilities or take no further action depending on the seriousness of the incident or track record of the ‘participant’."

What this means is that, the Chelsea boss might end up getting only a formal warning by the FA.

It is important to note that, Pep Guardiola has also breached this rule in the past while talking about this same referee and all he got was a warning from the FA.

For José Mourinho, he got more than a formal warning the last time he breached this rule as the FA fined him £50,000 after he also spoke about Anthony Taylor. But in his case, he'd been warned before too.

So, it is very likely that all what Tuchel would be getting is a formal warning. All he has to do now is to be careful of the kind of questions he would be answering from the English media.

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