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Premier League

Players That Make Up The Africa Best Xi For Each Position

The table below shows the African players that has been rated as the best African players lineup for each position. They have been rated as the best players in Africa.

These players plays for different clubs in Europe are most of them are highly valuable in the transfer market.

From the table, the selected best African player from the lineup is Onana, he is the Cameroonian goalie and the Current Ajax goalkeeper.


The select African defenders are Hakim, Bastos, Aureier.

The midfielder

The midfielder that were selected as the Africa Best midfielders are Keita, Thomas Partey the Atletico Madrid player, Ndidi the Nigeria player, The Manchester City players Mahrez.

The Forwarders

The selected African Forwarder are the right Player was selected to be Mohamed salah the Egyptian player, The left player was selected to be The senegelese player Sadio Mane, the fore forwarder was Selected to be Aunbameyang the Arsenal player

These players becoming a club of its own in Europe, do you think they could win Champions league?

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