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Jude Bellingham: What You Probably Don’t Know About This Teenage Star


You probably know Jude Bellingham’s present age, you know the club he belongs to. But what else do you know about this star? You are aware that knowing some important things about a player, interests, hobbies, and background can strengthen your debate or arguments in a club house or when conversing with friends. And for Jude, understanding some things about him is quite important! 

Below are five things I will be revealing about this young star. These are simple, yet important information that should be known. Can we begin our ride? Let’s go! I know you can’t wait at all. 

1. Jude is Rated by Football Organ

In the list of the 50 most exciting teenagers in the English Football, Jude found himself in number 49. Do you consider that too low? No! At that age, it’s incredibly not a bad thing. On that list, he happens to be the second-youngest player.

2. Jude’s Family Connections

He is the eldest son of a sergeant in the West Midlands - Mark Bellingham! Bellingham Snr, who is a non-league legend has represented 15 clubs and has even scored more than 700 goals in more than 850 appearances. Well, you know! That’s a hell of an achievement and record. 

3. Messi Fan

In the never-ending debate of Messi vs Ronaldo, Jude isn’t confused on whose side he is. He knows it! Using his twitter account as the basis for judgement, he seems to be a big fan of Lionel Messi. Why? He repeatedly retweets posts that describe Messi as the GOAT ( Greatest of All Time) 

4. Youth Level Captain

At age 16, how good were you as a leader? The reality is that, at that age, many of us aren’t good leaders. We develop a robust leadership skill not until when we are entering adulthood. 

But Jude captained the England under-17 during the Syrenka Cup. Interestingly, this tournament was finally won by England. Making Bellingham pick up the title as the player of the tournament award. 


Aren’t you thrilled to learn these about Jude? Yes, you should. Amazingly, there are lots of players that we know little about. Little knowledge about these individuals will either move you to love them more and appreciate their effort in their respective clubs. 

Share this knowledge with others at the football house, on your media platform, and when you have the slightest opportunity. If you find this article helpful, you can share it! 

Content created and supplied by: Tomvad (via Opera News )

Jude Jude Bellingham Teenage Star


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