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Fastest Red Card Ever Recorded in History.

Good morning Readers, today I will be revealing to you the fastest red card that ever took place in history. It took place in 2000. It was not that the player actually injured someone but he said something he probably shouldn't have said and the referee decided to punish him.

They were just about to start the game. It was a local lower level professional league game. A striker, Lee Todd, was standing near the center of the pitch. Right as the referee blew the whistle.

Lee exclaimed, “F*ck me that was loud!”And boom. The ref didn’t appreciate the comment. Instant red card. The referee gave him a red card because he said the whistle was too loud.

He left the field and his team had to play a man down for the rest of the 90+ minute game. It was a bit crude of a call. But I suspect the refs in that level of play get paid in pennies so don’t expect high quality.

That red card set the record for the fastest red card, at two seconds into the game. Let's have your view on this.

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Lee Lee Todd


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