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UEFA Champions League

Chelsea Would Not Have Qualified for the Champions League Next Stage.

Breaking the limits is what Chelsea has done but if Frank Lampard was still the Chelsea coach then Chelsea would have been defeated by Atletico Madrid squarely. This is because Frank Lampard though a legend, lacks the capacity to modify tactics to suit all his players and also lacks the skill to read other coaches style of play. His system keeps him handicapped of expression and so he stays on the comfort of possessions rather than victory.

His system does not really reflect the Chelsea spirit of not conceding goals and winning at all cost.

Seven years Chelsea had not qualified for Champions League Quarter Finals until today after beating Atletico Madrid 2 nil.

This comes after the great tactician Thomas Tuchel reshuffled his team again to clear any form of prediction of his players by the Atletico Madrid coach.

It is clear Diego Someone had come into the game with an intent to win the game or push it to extra time or possible penalty shootout. He got disappointed by the Chelsea outfit in their master class performance.

With what Chelsea has done today, this shows that they are silently moving to win the Champions League.

This Chelsea team dominates the game in a fashion that does not present them as favourites.

The philosophy is simple. Don't get scored and try to score at least 1. 3 points is the aim or we share the point.

The team has shown great promises and no matter how the rival fans of Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Everton, Tottenham desire to see them drop points in the English Premier Legaue or the Champions League. This team setup is willing to disappoint her opponents.

It is no longer who lines uo to take donated points from Chelsea again but who can drop the points they could possibly have in the long run.

Chelsea is gradually shaping up to be the machine they were expected to becoming after the signing of 6 top class players.

Do you think this Chelsea team can get a trophy if they continue the doggedness and faith they put into their game?

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