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Top European clubs that use customized jets (photos)

When Ahmed Musa signed for Kano Pillars in Nigeria, one of his conditions for playing away games is that he would only go if there was provision for air transportation. Aside from insecurity issues, he is used to flying for games far away from home and this is how it is done in most European clubs.

The best football clubs in the world are in Europe, even at that, clubs are bigger than one another and not all can afford customized jets. Jets are essential for football clubs because they need to travel privately and to specific locations for matches.

Some football clubs may charter jets regularly, but some football clubs own and can afford customized jets. This doesn't only show the financial might of a club, it also motivates the players to see their photos on the jets they are about to board.

Football clubs like Real Madrid, AC Milan, FC Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Inter Milan, Arsenal, Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Borussia Dortmund, and Atlético Madrid can afford to have customized jets because of their status.

As you can see Real Madrid and Arsenal use an Airbus 380, Barcelona use Boeing 777, Manchester City uses an A330, Manchester United A320, and Bayern Munich use an Airbus 340-600. They are all good airlines, produced by the best aircraft makers in the world. 

Football clubs are big brands, and some airline companies sponsor football clubs as a way to advertise their business. The best pilots also fly these stars because they are of their value.

Images Credit: Aviation 24, Real Madrid Xplane, The Sun, and Arsenal.

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