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Top 6 Unusual Funny Pictures of Moments and Deeds on Social Media

I simply strolled into Twitter this morning when I stumbled on few unusual funny pictures that will make one laugh and wonder at how powerful a camera can be. 

When you look at these pictures again, I bet a deep thinker would marvel at how much being at certain place, at a certain time or being engaged in one certain activity could result in telling an awkward version of the turn out of events.

Sit back and relax while you check these out.

1. Nature simply has its own unusual way of smiling back at you.

2. It is jubilation time and Gay just happens to be walking by.

3. Don't get it wrong, he's just there to get refreshment

4. Here are twin brothers who just happen to draw a portrait of themselves next to each other on the same material at the same time.

5. Look closer guys, it's simply a defensive attack. That's Rio Ferdinand of Manchester United landing his stomach hard on the ball with a rough challenge from Carlos Tevez.

6. Could this possibly be the sole to the feet of a 400-level student. Mmmmm...strange things often happen in strange places too.

7. Meet the crocodiles of Bazoul in Burkina Faso that don't harm the children that play with them.

Hope you had fun.

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