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4 Decisions That Shows The Extent Of Pep Guardiola's Genuis

"Pep for me is a reference, you guys know some of the inventions he had in the game. He's way ahead of the game". Thiery Heny...

Guardiola has proven himself a genius in managing teams as he had managed to conquer the leagues he has been to, even the champions league. Shattering records, winning trophies and dominating leagues doesn't seem to be extremely difficult for Guardiola... So is there a greater mind in football today than Pep Guardiola's?,Let's take a look at 4 undeniable proof of his genius and how he changed the game.

1. Preparing for the future

In the early 2000s, Pep shocked the world by moving from FC Barcelona's side to a club you have probably heard of in Italy known as Broscia Calcio. Pep had the desire to learn about other football leagues

"To me it's an opportunity to meet another country, if your eyes are open and if your eyes are open, you will always learn and improve".

But that's not the only reason why, he wishes to play along side the legendary Roberto Baggio.

The Italian maestro returned to the pitch after several months of being injured, that day Pep went to him on the sideline to give him the captain's arm band and gave him a pep talk and what he learnt in the match, the result?..... Baggio scored 2 goals in that match. Broscia's manager at that time could clearly see what pep is made of as he said...

"Peppe, today we won because of your gesture. You'll be the greatest coach in the world".

And that's exactly what happened, isn't it?.

2. The Converter

Among the many talents that Guardiola has, one is how he see's players, he weights his footballers beyond their positions. Focusing on their qualities and attributes, a perfect example of this is Philip Lahm. The Bayern Munich's legend was brought up as a fast wingback either on the left or the right side, but Guardiola saw him as the missing link between the defence and the mid field. So he turned Lahm into a deep lying defender, Lahm basically outdid himself in his new role. With his new role under Guardiola, Bayern Munich became more dangerous than before.

Pep said...

"He was one of the most wonderful players I have ever coached and one of the most intelligent, Lahm understands the game so well that he could play in 10 positions".

He repeated this same strategy with Joshua Kimmich,from a central mid fielder to a central defender and ultimately, a right back.

"I have played the game as a center back this season, as well as full back and also on the number 8 position".... Kimmich said.

Even Thierry Henry has admitted learning everything from Pep Guardiola.

3. The spark

"I sit down and watch 2 or 3 videos, I take notes. That's when that flash of inspiration comes, the moment I know for sure I got it, I know how to win".

That's what he said the night before a crucial El Classico when he made Messi to operate as a false 9,that night Barcelona handed Real Madrid's ass to them with a historic 6-2 win. Messi said...

"Pep's vision changed my career"

What he did that night was so brilliant, it shocked the footballing world.

4. Pep's Map

And when I say Pep's map, it might as well be the map Captain Jack Sparrow would need to treasure island.

The key to explaining Pep's map could be the way he see's the football pitch. This is how normal people see the pitch....

We can identify the areas of the pitch like the boxes, the touchline etcetera but the way Guardiola see's the pitch is mind bending. Well guess how he sees the same pitch you just saw in the above image.... Common, guess.

Lemme help you there, Guardiola divides the pitch into 20 zones!..he even has rules for them, like the maximum amount of players that can be in this zones at any given time.

That little idea right there is very essential for Tiki Taka or possession football and overloads.Maybe he even has names for this zones like Tracy, Kiki and so on.

Guardiola also try to adapt to the style of leagues and their rules and when I say rules,I mean the way they think. That's why Machester City bought Ederson, Ederson wasn't bought because he's the best shot stopper, no. The reason why Man City bought is because....... Wait, what you are about to read will blow your mind, your mind might go kaput like a nuclear missile so I suggest you get yourself a cold drink and read it with some one around. Done that?, OK let's continue.

The reason why Manchester city bought Ederson was because of his long range passing, in 2018 the Brazilian goal keeper broke the record for the longest goal kick in the world, 82 God-given yards!!,Damn.

So the trick is that they are no offsides from goal kicks, so Pep needs Ederson's ability to set his strikers free behind enemy lines. I know !, I know!, mind blowing right?. Call 911,someone's mind needs Doc's attention right now.

And as a defender, seeing the ball launched from Ederson and landing close to your 18 is a pressure itself because you know anything can happen when the ball is close or in your 18.

Clearly he has transformed Manchester City into a dangerous tema, destroying teams with high margin of goals like he did in FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich. Talk about major evolution.

Klopp has made it clear that despite Liverpool being this seasons EPL champions, he still holds Pep's Man City in high regard. He further said Man City are one of the favorites to win the Champions leagues, is he right?,Are we going to see Pep pull a genius chord in this upcoming champions league?, Let's watch and see.

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