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5 Players Who Flourished With Lionel Messi After Joining Barcelona

During his 17-year career, Lionel Messi has played with hundreds of football players at the club and international levels. Superstar, stalwart, rookie, Messi played with various players during his time in the Catalan club.

 It is always easy to think of Andreas Iniesta, Xavi Hernández, Carles Puyol and other La Masia graduates who have flourished with the little magician. However, Barcelona has gone through a stage where they signed superstars instead of promoting young people. Among these players, not many people can fight side by side with Messi. Playing with arguably the best players on the planet sounds too easy, but this is a completely different game. Several players have joined Barcelona, ​​only to find that their position and depth are inappropriate. However, there are a few who really managed to improve the game in Barcelona and thrive with the Argentine Talisman.

 It is difficult to plan this list. Here are five such players who have flourished with Lionel Messi after joining Barcelona.


 After the Brazilian's controversial exit in 2017, Barcelona fans may not have fond memories of him. However, the fact remains that Neymar may be the closest person to Messi in Barcelona. In some games, Neymar single-handedly pulled Barcelona to victory. This is his talent.

 In the four seasons the Brazilian spent at the club, he developed into one of the best players in the world and formed a fatal partnership with Messi and Suarez. His goals and assists helped Barcelona win the Triple Crown in 2015, and it is clear that the club has not replaced him.

 Luis Suarez

 When it comes to Neymar and Messi, not mentioning Uruguayans is a crime. After all, MSN may be one of the most aggressive trio in the world. Suarez may be a controversial forward, but there is no doubt that he is one of the best No. 9 players in the game.

 The Uruguayan is so deadly in front of goal that in six seasons, he has pushed himself to one of Barcelona's top three shooters. However, he is another player who quit the club in a bad manner and fired Atletico Madrid to La Liga this season.

 Dani Alves

 The friendship of the Brazilians is a major attraction of Messi. As a consecutive winner, Alves was savvy buying from Seville. That was when Messi started to become famous for himself, and people couldn't help thinking that his chemistry with Alves was helpful.

 Alves is a valuable right back, he spent 8 years in the Nou Camp trophy. It is common to see Alves and Messi both biting on the right and causing serious damage to the defense.

 Jordi Alba

 As the only player on this list who is still in the club, Alba has always been a staunch supporter of Barcelona's left-back role. In his heyday, Alba was one of the best in the industry and still retains some magic.

 Although we rarely see Messi and Alba combined these days, the Spaniard has played a huge support role for Messi over the years. He will bomb up and down the left flank to help the offense, while Messi will be in the center.

 Ivan Rakitic

 There was a lesson about Ivan Rakitic that made him very happy. After becoming famous in Seville, his transfer to Barcelona made him reach a world-class level. He is regarded as Harvey's heir to the throne at the club.

 The Croatian spent a good time with Messi at the club, winning the UEFA Champions League and multiple La Liga leagues. As one of the best passers in the game, Rakitic was an important part of Barcelona before returning to Sevilla.

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