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Serie A

Huge controversy in Italy in relations to referee selection

You would think a country with a great history of corruption and controversy in its football would go out of its way to avoid more accusations–it seems that either the Italian FA doesn't know about it or it's just totally clueless.

The world was shocked in 2006 by the Calciopoli scandal where Juventus was found guilty of fixing matches among the teams and was relegated and given a huge deduction of points.

It seems that Juventus has always been seen by the authorities as the club preferred, but this latest example will send alarm bells ringing everywhere.

This weekend, Inter Milan faces Genoa and has a huge opportunity to displace Juventus with a victory at the top of the league. A Rupibblica report has revealed some interesting information about the game referee's decision.

Luca Pairetto is the ref in question. To give you some information about his history, the report shows he is from Turin, his brother is heavily involved in the stadium of Juventus, and just in case that wasn't enough, his father was in charge of hiring referees at the time of the Calciopoli scandal.

This is a fairly unusual series of relations with Juventus, which would be problematic if you consider the current situation with the league table that the authorities had to say.

Let's just hope the game goes through without incident or controversial calls, or it could become a huge embarrassment for Italy.

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