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28 Forwards Revealed The Toughest Defenders They Have Ever Faced

As surprising as it may sound, some of the famous star football players that you and I know today, some of the great strikers(forwards) that we know today have revealed some of their secrets to the world.

These strikers have revealed some of the toughest defenders they have ever encounter which in line I am gonna be sharing with you guys.

Without further waste of time, lets quickly proceed.

Here are 28 forwards and the toughest defenders they have ever faced

1. Andy Carrol (Toughest Defender: Gary Cahill)

2. Marcus Rashford (Toughest Defender: Laurent Koscielny)

3. Mario Gomez (Toughest Defender: Nemamja Vidic)

4. Romelu Lukaku (Toughest Defender: Laurent Koscielny)

5. Ryan Giggs (Toughest Defender: Javier Zanetti)

6. Diego Milito (Toughest Defender: Giorgio Chiellini)

7. Radamel Falcao (Toughest Defender: Sergio Ramos)

8. Gareth Bale (Toughest Defender: Micah Richards)

9. Thomas Muller (Toughest Defender: Mats Hummels and Sergio Ramos)

10. Olivier Giroud (Toughest Defender: Gary Cahill)

11. Eden Hazard (Toughest Defender: Pablo Zabaleta)

12. Didier Drogba (Toughest Defenders: Rio Ferdinand and Nemamja Vidic)

13. Jamie Vardy (Toughest Defender: Chris Smalling)

14. Angel Di Maria (Toughest Defender: Branislav Ivanovic)

15. Pedro Rodriguez (Toughest Defender: Danny Rose)

16. Sergio Aguero (Toughest Defender: Sergio Ramos)

17. Wayne Rooney (Toughest Defender: John Terry)

18. Luiz Suarez (Toughest Defender: Sergio Ramos)

19. Gonzalo Higuain (Toughest Defender: Carles Puyol)

20. Harry Kane (Toughest Defender: John Terry)

21. David Villa (Toughest Defender: John Terry)

22. Raul (Toughest Defender: Pablo Maldini)

23. David Beckham (Toughest Defender: Roberto Carlos)

24. Ronaldo (Toughest Defender: Paolo Maldini)

25. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Toughest Defender: Giorgio Chiellini)

26. Neymar Jr (Toughest Defender: Sergio Ramos and Thiago Silva)

27. Ronaldinho (Toughest Defender: Paolo Maldini)

28. Ronaldo (Toughest Defender: Ashley Cole)

Thanks for reading.

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