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Top 10 Brazilian Legends And Their Career Achievements.

Over the years, football fans have seen lots of Brazilian players in action as far as football is concerned, and as such, those players have created a beautiful memory in the minds of the spectators. Today, many football fans believe that Brazil, as a country, has a lot of astounding football players, and Brazil is one of the countries that encourage football as a sport.

Thus, as much as we have active Brazilian players, who are currently creating amazing records in the football world, we also have players who have retired. Some Brazilian players are called "LEGENDS" today, and this is because of their respective career achievements, abilities, performances, and records.

Some of these players are currently missed by football fans because there haven't been many players who have been able to replicate the record these "legends" have created.

Thus, we will be looking at 10 Brazilian players who are now "legends." All of them have retired, and thus, we will be looking at their respective achievements.

See the ten (10) Legends below and their respective career achievements/records:

1. Juninho - he played 507 career games, scored 124 goals, created 107 assists, and won 19 Titles

2. Ze Roberto - he played 779 career games, scored 74 goals, created 152 assists, and won 22 Titles

3. Cafu - he played 568 career games, scored 21 goals, created 51 assists, and won 21 Titles

4. Lucio - he played 650 career games, scored 45 goals, created 28 assists, and won 19 Titles

5. Adriano - he played 348 career games, scored 164 goals, created 36 assists, and won 13 Titles

6. Rivaldo - he played 608 career games, scored 269 goals, created 95 assists, and won 20 Titles

7. Roberto Carlos - he played 881 career games, scored 108 goals, created 124 assists, and won 21 Titles

8. Kaka - he played 621 career games, scored 190 goals, created 167 assists, and won 11 Titles

9. Ronaldo De Lima - he played 550 career games, scored 357 goals, created 94 assists, and won 18 Titles

10. Ronaldinho - he played 640 career games, scored 230 goals, created 186 assists, and won 11 Titles

So, Ronaldo is the Brazilian legend with the most goals scored out of all Brazilian Legends, while Ronaldinho is the Brazilian legend with the most assists created. On the other hand, Ze Roberto won more titles than all of these legends.

Which of these legends are you missing? Which of them was your favorite player? How well can you rate their performances?

Share your thoughts and opinions.

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