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Don't go Bed without Saying Thank You To God For Protecting you

Today has come to an end and most of us had our heart desires granted to us.

Some of us woke up sad but by the grace of God we are going home happy. Now that is the grace of the lord in our life's, when Jesus healed the 10 lepers only one person game back to say thank you.

This is a new generation let us not be like the 9 who received healing and refused to come back and show appreciation.

That contract you signed today, that sales you made today, that breakthrough you made today was all position and made possible by the Lord Almighty.

Let us Pray

Father in the name of Jesus, we come back to you to say thank you for your protection, we come back to you to say father we have received from you.

We don't have money silver or gold that would be enough to satisfy you. All we have is our lips and mouths full of praise and adoration for you oh Lord.

May your name be highly exhausted in Jesus name.

But as one battle ends another one begins that same grace and protection that followed us through the day.

May it follow us at night in the name of Jesus, just like you guided th children of israelite from the Egyptians in the Bible.

You guided them like a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire at night may that protection continue to follow us in the name of Jesus amen.

For all those who took out time to say this prayers with us we pray oh Lord that may their heat desires he granted in the name of Jesus.

Even those who could not pray die to one thing or another. Father we say may that same anointing reach them.

You say all have sinned and come shot of your glory, daddy in the name of you son Jesus we are all cleaned and safe in Jesus name.


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