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Footballers That Had Dangerous Accidents

Some footballers have had near-death experiences and these experiences have changed them.

(1)Cristiano Ronaldo

On January 18th of 2009, Ronaldo's coach called for an early morning practice, but Ronaldo had overslept, so he had 20minutes to get to the training ground and he had car that could get him there just in time.

Ronald got into his Ferrari and sped off, but on his way to training, his car crashed into the side of the road and he almost lost his life.

(2)Lionel Messi

On April 19th of 2017, Lionel Messi was about to play in a Champions League game against Juventus. Barcelona had already lost in the 1st leg and they had to win the 2nd leg at all cost.

Throughout the first half, both teams tried to get a goal but everything was not working for both sides. In the second half, Lionel Messi jumped to nod a ball but he landed on his neck. Doctor's realized that if he had landed just 2mm higher, that neck injury would have killed him.

(3)Neymar Junior

On June 5th of 1992, Neymar was 4months old, his family were on a road trip, but a storm came and it was so terrible that it was hard to see clearly, due to the storm, their car crashed into another car and baby Neymar was thrown out of the car.

Neymar's father and mother searched for him and found him covered in blood. They rushed him to a hospital and the doctors said he would survive.

Source: KickFlix (Youtube Channel)


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