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Opinion: Why Anthony Joshua Needs To Hire Mayweather's Father As His New Coach/Trainer

There is saying amongst boxing enthusiast that a good trainer makes a good boxer and that is especially true in the case of Anthony Joshua, the former unified heavyweight boxing champion of the world was stripped of his titles in a crushing defeat from the Ukrainian southpaw boxer, Oleksandr Usyk who left Anthony Joshua with no answer to his elusive footwork and precise jabs.

Although Anthony Joshua took his loss like the champion that he is, there is no doubt that a rematch will happen to take back his belt. According to UK news media page, Independent Anthony Joshua's manager Eddie Hearn has confirmed that the rematch will probably be held in UK despite Usyk reportedly saying that he wants it to hold in Ukraine.

This recent fight by Anthony Joshua didn't meet a lot of boxing fans expectations because many of them were hoping Anthony Joshua would give a stellar performance although there are numerous reasons as to why he lost, but I think many of you would agree with me that he needs a new coach if he is to ever have a chance at beating Usyk.

And the perfect coach for the job is none other than Floyd “money” Mayweather's father, Floyd Mayweather Sr. This man has been the reason behind many of his son's successes, the 51 wins record that Mayweather has now is as a result of his father's wisdom and guidance.

There has been many discussions about Anthony Joshua's fight, and many fans agree that his recent tactics in his last fight was not effective against Usyk and boxing experts are saying even if he uses his usual aggressive style that he may not beat Usyk.

So that's where Floyd Mayweather Sr defensive style comes in, if AJ was able to bring him into his training camp he may be able to improve his fighting style and his defense. Judging from his last fight, one can see that Usyk is a clinical boxer in the sense that he makes his opponent to cover up and then hits from unusual angles.

He was always on the offensive and made AJ retreat a lot, so if he was to improve his defense with Mayweather at in his camp, his chances of winning may be higher. And besides Mayweather Sr trained the greatest defensive boxer in history and that's why he is called the “greatest trainer of all time” after he trained his son to victory against Manny Pacquiao.

So I believe his training will be greatly beneficial to A. J. So what do you think about A. J hiring Mayweather Sr to help him train? Share your thoughts with us in the comment and please follow for more entertaining news.

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