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People Said He Couldn't Become A Footballer, But Look At This Nigerian Man Now (Pictures)

One would easily be mistaken with a shirt glimpse at the of this young African man, but only with a closer look and perhaps reading this article will clarify the misconception that this young Nigerian man is no more a bouncer than Nnamdi Kanu or Rashidi Yekini, was when they played football in other parts of the world.

Being a big guy with muscles and built body, a lot of people including his colleagues and friends said it is not possible for him to become a professional footballer, but he has surprised everyone when he not only became a footballer, but also became a savvy one.

His name being Saheed Adebayo Akinfenwa obviously shows his relationship with Nigeria and the Yoruba tribe as that Is where he hails from.

If you almost believed that he was a bouncer or body builder, then you have been mistaken because Saheed is a professional football player, and the only reason he is not renowned in the country is because he is not on the national team, neither does he have any attribution with Nigerian football. 

He is currently a striker for the English Team, Wycombe's Wanderers, which is a European Club and not much popular except to people who have keen interest in football. 

If Saheed does not hold the record of being the biggest, he will surely be among the biggest football players the world has ever witnessed (you would agree wouldn't you?). 

He is well known for his balance, strength and agility, despite his size, he currently weighs over 100Kg (16 stones) and can bench press up to a 200 kg weight, you would notice that this is a weight that is about two times his own weight. 

Below are pictures of Saheed during his training and while he is on the pitch.

Because of his dexterity on football, he has appeared in over 152 games and since he is a striker, he has been able to score 46 goals in those 152 appearances. Saheed also has his career split between different clubs (over 25) including the Swansea, Watford, Boston United, Leyton Town and many others including hi current club, Wycombe's Wanderers. 

Due to the religious difference between his parents, Saheed had to practice two different religions at two different stages of his life, one was during his childhood when he chose to be a Muslim and practice Islam and the other was when he became an adult and chose to be a Christian, dropping the other religion. 

During the World Rating done by the FIFA and other soccer video games in 2019, Saheed appeared on the chart with the title of being the Strongest Football Player in that year.

Checkout More Pictures Of Saheed in Casual clothes below

It is a no-go area for defenders who want to tackle Saheed when he is with the ball, there is hardly even any defender that can match his strength and resilience, which makes his a football weapon for his team. 

He has also ventured into a business apart from his income from football as he runs a popular cloth label which is targeted to and patronized by people that often hit the gym to get physically fit. 

The name of his label being, Beast Mode, has intrigued various people ranging from footballers, trainers, gym instructors and body builders, because of its sleek design and comfort when it comes to physical trainings. 

What do you think of Saheed? Share your opinion in the comment below. Best of regards from Optimumwoleh. 

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