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Opinion - Why Messi would have scored more International goals than CR7 if he was a European Player

Leo Messi recently became the first player to score 80 International goals in South America, after his strike against Uruguay in the World Cup Qualifiers.

Becoming the first ever player to hit 80 International goals in your continent is indeed a great achievement, however, their is a certain player who already has over 110 International goals under his belt, scoring majority of those goal against the lower ranked teams during World Cup and European Qualifiers.

The certain player in question is none other than Man Utd's Cristiano Ronaldo, who last recorded his 10th International hattrick after putting 3 pass 98th ranked Luxembourg.

The actual debate is Leo Messi would be a better Goalscorer at International level if he was a European player.

Firsly, Cristiano Ronaldo plays World Cup qualifiers where he mostly faces 4 inferior teams, as seen in the ongoing World Cup 2022 QF (Azabaijan, Luxemburg, Ireland, and Serbia). 

Same thing happens in European Qualifiers, where the big nation's like Portugal are pitted against inferior and lower ranked nation's for a place in the Euro finals.

Compared to South America, there is no Qualification games for their Continental competition (Copa America), because the continent has only 10 nation's playing football. 

Leo Messi gets to face the likes of Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Uruguay, Peru home and away in other to secure a place in next year's World Cup at Qatar, while the latter faces lower ranked nation's which enables him to easily increase his goal tally, thus why he's presently the greatest scorer at International level.

Ronaldo Favourite Opponents at International level;

- Luxembourg 9 goals

- Lithuania 7 goals

- Andorra 6 goals

- Hungary 6 goals

- Latvia 5 goals

Out of the 5 nation's above, only Hungary is ranked in the Top 50 in respect to the latest FIFA Ranking. The remaining 4 teams are ranked below 70. 

Leo Messi favourite opponents;

- Bolivia 8 goals

- Ecuador 6 goals

- Uruguay 6 goals

- Chile 5

- Brazil 5

3 out of the 5 afformentioned teams are World Champions and Continental Champions respectively, and are ranked in the FIFA Top 12, according to FIFA's latest Rankings. Taking all of this into perspective, if Leo Messi was facing more of the inferior teams CR7 faces Consistently during Euro and World Cup qualifiers, the 6 time Ballon D'or winner would have more than 120 International goals to his name as it stands.

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored only 2 goals against South American teams (Argentina, Ecuador), while providing zero assists in the process. 

Leo Messi on the other hand has scored against the biggest of European teams in football today, the likes of France (1, 2 assists), Croatia (2 goals), Spain (3, 1 assist), Portugal (1 goal, 1 assist), Switzerland (3 goals, 1 assist), Germany (2 goals). He has also scored against the likes of Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia.

Judging by Leo Messi's impressive goal Statistics against European teams, ask yourself, how many would Messi score against those lower ranked teams Ronaldo usually faces in Qualifiers? My guess is, he would be on 130 or more by now.

Content created and supplied by: Iamzeeboi (via Opera News )

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