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Top 14 Quotes By Famous Wrestlers

Below are some of the quotes made by famous Wrestlers. Some are inspiring while others are factual so try not to skip them.

1. "I was given birth to handle problems the way I do. I've been through fire and I've also made it out. Whenever I'm given an opportunity, I'm always ready"- Roman Reigns.2. "In my opinion, if you go through life and no one dislikes you, you ain't good" - Triple H.

3. "I've been extremely loyal to my fans inside and outside of wrestling and I enjoy when they mock me in arenas" - John Cena.

4. "I'll never quit" - Dean Ambrose.

5. "Winning doesn't make you a warrior, fighting does" - Roman Reigns.

6. "Wrestling isn't fake, appreciate our efforts" - Seth Rollins.

7. "Chase your dreams with hard work. If you work hard at it, you'll gonna enjoy it's fruit, I assure you" - Seth Rollins.

8. "At times, the things you don't do makes you" - Cm Punk.

9. "All I do is to become better and I ain't gonna stop" - Dolph Ziggler.

9. "If your aim is not to be on top, then you ain't supposed to be here" - Big E.

11. "I was born to wrestle and I'm confident I'm always gonna win because I'm good" - Randy Orton.

12. "A true champ needs to be motivated beyond winning" - The Undertaker.

13. "If you don't give in all you've got in achieving your dreams, at one point in life, you'll end up regretting" - Seth Rollins

14. "Make a name for your self" - The Ultimate Warrior.

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Dean Ambrose John Cena Roman Reigns.2. Triple H


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