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UEFA Champions League

Forget Sergio Ramos - Meet Gerardo Bedoya, The Most Red Carded Defender Of All-Time (Photos)

Sergio Ramos is no doubt one of the dirtiest and merciless defenders in modern football. The Los Blancos legend has racked up 26 red cards in his career and has the most in La Liga history. The Spaniard also has the most red cards in El Clasico with a record 5 times.

Los Blancos' Sergio Ramos received his twenty-sixth red card of his football career in the UEFA Champions League against Man City.

In any case, at that point, evidently the dirtiest footballer ever to step into the field is Gerardo Bedoya. The battling midfielder amassed an incredible 46 red cards during his spell as a soccer player. Gerardo normally seemed, by all accounts, to be dumbfounded with respect to whether he was in the octagon or on a football pitch. Bedoya has since started his spell as a Director for Colombian side and was dismissed into the seats during his underlying match. A couple of individuals never give indications of change.

The Colombian defensive midfielder nearly made it to 50 years of red cards for accursing minutes of drop like kicking players in the face. Truly, genuinely.

To get 46 red cards in your spell is meriting beautification, especially when it suggests you're 20 away from obviously European football's most rugged defender - Sergio Ramos.

Gerardo Bedoya is one of the greatest underrated midfielders in world football. No one understands why a team would place him in the first XI considering his risky displays. No player in history will have the option to arrive at the number of red cards that he amassed.

His style of play was merciless. He did not have a clue on how to recover the balls conveniently and relied upon strong fouls at whatever point he could. No forward expected to go for a test against Bedoya with the ball influenced by a distrustful fear 😱 of closure with a physical issue.

Likewise, he had certifiable attitude issues. He was continually connected with fights on the pitch with rivals. The little control of the shock that this midfielder had, was another gigantic purpose behind his unremitting fouls.

He got his 41st red card in a professional game, being sent off for the elbow and ensuing kick to the head aimed on Millonarios player Jhonny Ramirez. The offense likewise got him suspended for the following 15 matches. Bedoya has been sent off various occasions since.

All these reiterated dissatisfactions drove him to hoard 46 red cards throughout his career as a player. Since Gerardo Bedoya retired as a player his opponents can now have a sigh of relief 😌 and play football normally. Bedoya has since advanced into the executives post with Colombian side Independiente Sante Fe and, normally, got a red card during his first game in the specialized territory.

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