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Premier League

One month after the restart of European football, see new rules that were introduced into football

Prior to the restart of Premier league games last month, there were some Covid 19 rules that were put in place which many football fans may not have known. Apart from the common Covid 19 hygiene protocols such as regular watching of the hands, use of face mask, hand sanitizer and social distancing, the English football Association also introduced the following principles. 

1. Water Break: The English FA introduced water break for all players. This break takes place midway each of the two halves of the game. Though there is not specific time for the break, the referees will use there discretion to determine when the players need to drink water. 

During the mandatory one-minute breaks, players will drink from personalised water bottles to ensure they can rehydrate hygienically. Before the coronavirus break, players always collect water from their team officials. This method has to be changed since it does not follow COVID 19 hygiene protocol.

2. Players no longer come out of the tunnel with kids or ball boys: Players coming out of the tunnel now come out small groups rather than as two teams. They no longer come out with stewards unlike pre Covid 19 era.

3. Thirdly, Strict guidelines was put prohibit players and coaching staff from encroaching on the referee or his assistants during the game. This is to reduce contact and ensure social distancing. 

4. Lastly, spitting by players as also banned as well as contact between players following goals.

Having watched the restart of the games since last month, do you think the players and football governing bodies have keep to these protocols? Like and share your opinion. 

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