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Ronaldinho pays 1.6million for a "mistake" but Other players like Ronaldo get away with tax fraud;

Ronaldinho was released from jail on Tuesday by the Paraguay authorities after coughing out a whopping $1.6 million for bail. The release implies that Ronaldinho will remain under house Arrest in a hotel in Paraguay until his case is heard in court. Ronaldinho was arested in March for allegedly bearing a fake passport, a scenario which cannot be said to be the fault of the former Selecao star. as the said passport was gifted to him by a certain "sponsor".

On the other hand, many footballers are allowed to get away with tax evasion; a crime just as bad as the fraud Ronaldinho is alleged to have committed. These footballers only pay their outstanding taxes and are allowed to go free, most times without serving any jail term or other forms of punishment.

The reason for this is not far-fetched. These players play for very influential clubs, therefore they get support from their clubs to water down the situation. Take Ronaldo’s case for example, his tax fraud began while he was in Real Madrid, but it was not until he left the Royal club that the allegations began to suffice. Real Madrid, with their great influence ensured that Ronaldo’s tax irregularities never saw the light of day. And for player who play for clubs not as influential as Los Blancos, the allegations may suffice, but they are usually watered down. Unfortunately for Ronaldinho, he no longer plays professional football and thus lacks support from the influential’s and policy makers.


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