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FIFA World Cup

See The Top List of The Funniest Players in The History of Football, Soccer.


Before we start, see this funny picture below, it is just for fun.

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Top Six Funny Players in Football.

1. Mario Balloteli:- He plays as a Striker for both is club and his National team, Italy.

Age - 29

Club - Brescia

Nationality - Italy

See the funny statement made by Balloteli, after he removed his cloth.

2. David Luiz :- He plays as Centre back for his Club and Country. He is a professional Footballer, a veteran in the Field.

Age - 33

Club - Arsenal.

Nationality - Brazil.

When David Luiz played for Chelsea, he did this funny stuff, pretending to be injured but he is not, See photo.

3. Ryan Babel :- He plays as a striker or left Winger.

Age - 33.

Club - currently playing for AFC Ajax.

Nationality - Netherlands.

4. Emmanuel Frimpong :- He played as a Midfielder.

Age - 28

Club - retired, but he played for Arsenal.

Nationality - Ghana.

5. Diego Maradona :- During his days in Football, he was regarded as a very funny Player. He lifted the world cup with Argentine.

Age - 59

Nationality - Argentine.

6. Romario :- Romario is a Brazilian professional Footballer, he lifted the world cup with Brazil. He is among the top scorer of all time. He played as a Striker and he is good at scoring goals.

Age - 54

Nationality - Brazil

See Romario funny Celebration with Bebeto and Mazinho.

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