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FA Cup

Is History About To Repeat Itself? See How 1990 Events Have Predicted This Year's FA Cup Winner

Just The Same Way It Happened In 1990, See The Team That May Win The FA Cup

The race for the FA cup is almost finished, as Arsenal has qualified for the finals, after beating Manchester city by two goals to nothing in the semi final of the competition. However, Manchester United is going to play with Chelsea later tonight. Whoever wins, will go into the finals to play against Arsenal.

See the events that happened in 1990, that has also happened this year. It might be a prediction that Manchester United will win this year's FA Cup.

Liverpool won the league

In the year 1990, Liverpool won the league title. Then it was still called "Barclays". This however makes it 30 years since Liverpool last won the league. They have however won the league this year.

Leeds won the second division

Leeds United also won the second division in the year 1990. They were then promoted to the first division, i.e the premier league. It will interest you to know that they have also won the league and qualified to the premier league this year too.

Manchester united won the fa cup

In that same 1990, it was Manchester United that won the FA Cup. Now, Liverpool has won the league, Leeds United have been promoted to the premier league, and Manchester United will be in the FA Cup final, if they can beat Chelsea today.

What are your thoughts, do you think history is about to repeat itself or you think it's just coincidence? Please drop a comment below.

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