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Players Who Departed Real Madrid In A Bad Way

Over the years, Real Madrid has bought and sold many players, this means that they would have departed with some players in bad ways.

(1)Iker Casillas

This player was a great goalie for Madrid and he served them for a very long time, but during the 2012/13 season, his form started dropping and he started making unusual mistakes, a simple press conference was organized for his departure without the directors.


The arrival of Kaka, Benzema and Ronaldo slowly pushed him to the bench. Raul scored 332 goals in 741 matched with Madrid and he was considered the best player at the club, but when he was leaving, he got a simple press conference, and it took the club 3-years to organize a homage for him.

(3)Alfredo Di Stefano:

After winning the 1964 European Cup, Alfredo argued with his coach and President because of the tactics, but President Santiago Bernabeu offered Alfredo a position as a staff in the team, but Alfredo refused.

President Santiago was furious and said Alfredo would never play for Madrid again as long as he (President Santiago) was alive. Alfredo was sold to another club, but he later became Madrid's coach after the death of President Santiago Bernabue.

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