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Why Man UTD's Manager May Record Two Defeats In The UCL & EPL Next Week

Manchester United is regarded as one of the best English clubs in the world with 3 Champions League titles under their belts. Manchester United began their EPL campaign this season on a high note, flogging Leeds United with a 5:1 scoreline. Manchester United head coach hopes to win the English Premier League title this season after going trophyless in his last four seasons as a Manchester United manager, but it seems his ambition might not be achieved after an awful performance recently in the EPL.

Manchester United is in the 5th position in the EPL table after they crumbled to an embarrassing defeat at the King Power Stadium on a Premier League clash against Leicester City. Ole Gunnar's performance has been devasting in the last three EPL games against Aston Villa, Everton, and Leicester City and might continue his poor performance in his match next week.

This article states the reason why Ole Gunnar might record two defeats next week.

Strong fixtures:

Manchester United manager, Ole Gunnar will be facing strong Atalanta in the UFEA Champions League on the 20th of October 2021 for their group stage match. Atalanta is a very strong team and has been impressive in their league this season. Atalanta suffered a defeat against AC Milan in their last game and would love to bounce back in their winning ways when they face Manchester United.

Manchester United will also face Liverpool on the 24th of October 2021 in an EPL battle. This is also a strong fixture for Manchester United and the head coach might also record another defeat as Liverpool's performance this season is top-notch. Liverpool thrashed Watford with a 5:1 scoreline last weekend and might love to continue their unbeaten run by defeating Manchester United next weekend.


Ole Gunnar might record two defeats, looking at the current form of Manchester United. Atalanta and Liverpool might defeat United when they meet next week. To secure a win against these two teams, the Manchester United manager should put in his best else suffer an embarrassing defeat.

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