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You can hate WWE "Under Taker", but definitely not his Four kids. See their Photos

Mark William Calaway, popularly known by his ring name "The Undertaker", is an American professional wrestler was born March 24 , 1965, (55 years) in Houston, Texas, United States.

He was rebranded as The Undertaker" in the WWF, and gained significant mainstream popularity as a horror themed,an entity who employed scare tactics and held links to the super natural.

Calaway, who is married to former WWE Diva Michel McCool in 2010 is the father of four children including his son, Vincent Calaway and daughters Kaia Faith Calaway, Gracie Calaway and Chasey Calaway. See photos of them here...

First child

Gunner Vincent Calaway

Gunner Vincent Calaway is the son of Mark Calaway was born in 1993 (28 years) United States of America.

He is an American actor, featured in the movie "Joker",and others. Gunner is the eldest child of Professional Wrestlers Mark Calaway and Jodi Lynn. He has three sisters Gracie, Chasey and Kaia.

Gunner Vincent Calaway in the movie "Joker"

Gunner Vincent Calaway mom Jodi Lynn

Second Child

Chasey Calaway

Chasey Calaway is the daughter of Mark Calaway. She was born November 21 2002,(17 years) and the eldest daughter of Mark Calaway and Sara Calaway who is also an American professional wrestler.

Photo of Chasey's mom,Sara Calaway.

Third Child

Gracie Calaway

Gracie Calaway was born May 15 ,2005 (age 15 years) and she is the second Daughter of Sara Calaway and Mark Calaway. She has 2 sisters and a brother.

Photo of Gracie and her Dad.

Photo of Chasey and her sister Gracie

Fourth child

Kaia Faith Calaway

Kaia Faith Calaway (born in August 2012 ,7 years) is the daughter of Mark Calaway and Michelle McCool and one of the Calaway family members in america.

She is described as the daughter of the Phenomenon.

Family photo of Mark Calaway

Mark Calaway with his current partner


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