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One Record Cristiano Ronaldo Might Be Unable To Break Before He Retires

It is no longer news that Cristiano Ronaldo dines on the table of the greatest players of all time having written his name all over the world of football. The Portugese International has made breaking old records and setting new ones the pinnacle of his career and majority of this he has attained as a result of his prolificity in front of goals.

Precisely, the 36 year old is the all time UEFA Champions League top scorer with one hundred and thirty four (134) goals, he is the only active player with the most Champions league titles (5), he is Real Madrid's all time top scorer, active player with the most hat-tricks (57), all time men's International top scorer and more.

However, inspite of all his accomplishments, one record seems to be beyond his reach and it could end up being the only record he doesn't break before calling time on his career.

Take a look;

The All Time Overall International Top Scorer

Suffice to say that Ronaldo is only the all time men's International top scorer, he is not the overall as that record is currently being held by a female player named Christine Sinclair who has scored 187 goals compared to Ronaldo's 111.

See Statistics below

As seen above, the Portugese is tied around 8th and 9th position in the overall all time International scoring chart. Two of the female players ahead of him are still active including Christine Sinclair and it is very likely the Manchester United player will move up the table in the coming weeks and months.

But to become the overall International top scorer, Ronaldo will need Sinclair to stop scoring and it will then be left for him to bag at least seventy six (76) International goals to draw level or go ahead of her. Considering the Portugese age and the infrequency of International football, that might be one impossible record for him to catch up.

It goes without saying that next year's FIFA World Cup in Qatar may be Ronaldo's last International tournament as age will no longer be on his side, so to say the possibility of him catching up with Christine Sinclair's record is very slim.

Photo of Christine Sinclair (The Canadian Footballer With 187 International Goals)

Take nothing away from Ronaldo's abilities, if he had more time on his side, he may have broken this remarkable record, but his time on the pitch is almost up and he may just have to settle for a position that is not at the top of the summit.

Do you think Ronaldo can catch up with Christine Sinclair's record considering his age?

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