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Man Questions Ezekwesili's Competence As She Allegedly Replaced Geologists With Geography Graduates.

There are some fields or professions which sound similar to each other but do have completely different roles or functions even if they are closely related. One of such line is Geography and Geology which mean two different things.

According to the University of Edinburgh, Geography is the study of the physical properties on the surface of the Earth while Geology is the study of Earth's history, as well as its composition and the processes that have affected it over time. A Nigerian man named Badru questioned the competency of Oby Ezekwesili during her tenure at the Ministry of Mines, Steel and Development.

Badru and Oby Ezekwesili

A thread linked to former leader, Olusegun Obasanjo was on Twitter and Madam Oby keyed into it as she wrote about a leader providing an enabling environment that supports knowledge and work. Others questioned the integrity of the former leader under her thread but the answers weren't forthcoming as she did appreciate him.

Badru also questioned her leadership by demanding a conversation with her about her time as a then leader at the Ministry of Mines, Steel and Development.

In his words; "Let's have a tidy conversation about how you relied on geography graduates to send trained geologists away from the Ministry of Mines and Steel Development during your tenure. Happy new year Ma'am Oby."

It takes one who had a fair knowledge of the ministry during her time to able to know if there was such an unfortunate incident or not.

Do you think Madam Oby is competent irrespective of the results of the question the man threw at her?

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