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ASUU vs FG update. I am happy to be a member of ASUU says FUBK lecturer

I am happy to be a member of ASUU because the evidence before me indicates that ASUU has defeated the FG.

ASUU's main striker with a Jersey no 7, Prof Abiodun dribbled past and Messimerized the FG's defenders, the Finance Minister and the Kantankantan General of the Federation before netting the goal twice with Ronaldonic shots. The match was officiated by TYO who awarded a penalty against the FG team five seconds into the match because the FG's goalkeeper, the director of IPPIS, was drunk before the match and was seen galloping like an antelope on the pitch. He was so drunk, he came to the pitch with a torn trouser and an eye glasses that look so much like that of a panelbeater. In the end, it was 3-0.

The match was watched by ungrateful and misled students (past and present) and a bunch of ignorant masses. A Yoruba adage says, a dog's obligate parasite was killing itself, but thought it was killing the dog. In reality, once the dog dies, the obligate parasite too dies because it cant live on its own.

As a preventive measure, Nigerian doctors with expertise on alcoholism need to wade in and solve the hangover visibly expressed by the FG's strikers and defenders, so as to avert another round of match, this time, a boxing match that will see the FG kissing its boots. 

Oooobi, yokolu yokolu kowa tanbi.

Content created and supplied by: Khalidlaf (via Opera News )

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