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Analyzing What Might Have Caused The Decline In Ronaldo's Free Kick Accuracy

Scoring free-kicks has always being one of the key reason Cristiano Ronaldo was recognized in the English premier league.

During the Portuguese first spell at Manchester United, he had a very unique accuracy when it comes to standing in front of the wall.

According to official Premier League website, datas collected after 2006/2007 season showed the former Juventus striker scored 9 direct free kicks in the EPL and he is ranked third in the league.

The above stats is after the 2006/2007 season, this means that Cristiano Ronaldo scored 9 direct free kicks in the EPL in just 2 seasons, that is a massive stats.

While playing in the Spanish La Liga, Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly scored 32 direct free kicks for Real Madrid in nine seasons, this stats further cement that CR7 is a king when it comes to taking that stand in front of the wall.

Cristiano Ronaldo last scored a decisive free-kick goal for a club against Torino, before the game against Torino, CR7 went a whole season without scoring from a direct free-kick.

All his attempt either hit the wall, get saved or go off target. CR7 hit the peak of free-kick accuracy in the 2009/2010 when he scored 6 goals for Real Madrid FC.

But what might have caused a decline in his free kick scoring ability?

In the 2014 season, CR7 battled with a muscle injury on his left thigh, this was coupled with patella tendonitis in his left ankle. During the season, Cristiano Ronaldo scored 5 free kicks for Real Madrid football club.

The tendonitis might be a real issue for the legend and it may to begin to affect him even more as he ages.

Either it be a technical problem or a physical one, CR7 might never hit that free kick scoring peak again.

For the past 4 seasons, CR7 has manged to scored just two free-kicks, while taking a look at this number, it seems more like a physical problem than a technical one.

CR7 left knee is not in the same shape as 10 seasons ago, with the tendonitis diagnosing, his free-kick accuracy might continue to diminish.

The Portuguese has scored 55 free-kick in his careee, 32 for Juventus FC, 13 for Man United, 1 for Juventus FC and 9 for the Portugal national team.

How many free-kick do you think CR7 will score before he finally retires from professional football.

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