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See 5 WWE dream matches that was just given to us on a random episode of raw and SmackDown

we are going to talk about 5 Wrestlemania mainevent worthy dream matches that was just given to us unannounced on an episode of Raw and smackdown

Sports entertainment is pure entertainment as the name goes, various things are Incorporated as to make the fans to be happy and satisfied while watching the productions. One of those entertaining things are dream matches, sometimes this dream matches are matches between wrestlers in the same promotions all between wrestlers in different promotions there can also be between wrestlers in different generations or era or even between a wrestler that is dead and one that is still living example Big show vs Andre the Giant. Andre is dead but if he was still alive it would have been a welcome sight for both to have a match because their styles and height mesh together. A dream match now become their is a strong desire for two wrestlers who have something in common to have a match example becomes AJ styles vs Kenny Omega. The fact that they are in different promotions makes it almost impossible for both wrestlers to have a match but the fans are still waiting and hoping that one day the two wrestlers we find a way to have a match with each other which becomes the coming to pass of the dream. So many years you have gotten so many dream matches which results from wrestlers leaving their original promotion to come to another and then have that match which the fans has been clamouring for four years. Example AJ styles vs shinsuke Nakamura. Sometimes wrestlers from passing generation comes back I still have that match with a current wrestler which the fans have been clamoring for example the Undertaker vs AJ styles. for this dream matches to take place it has to be given a story to make it look good. But now in this article we are going to talk about some dream matches that actually happened but we are not giving that story and that build to make it feel special in fact they were just given to us free on a television show which is either raw or SmackDown.


The king of strong style against the face that runs the place, this match is actually fit to headline any pay-per-view be it WrestleMania SummerSlam Royal Rumble or even survivor series, This match is fit to headline all of them but the way WWE just went on to give it to us on a random Smackdown episode. it was on July 2017, it was a match to determine who will face WWE champion jinder Mahal at the summerslam 2017 pay-per-view, although Shinsuke Nakamura went on to win the match but that is not how we expected WWE to book that match.


The two of the best hard hitting women in WWE today, it has always been a tradition in WWE for NXT women and men roster women to have a big dream match. The match would have simply been billed as the current syar of WWE against the future of WWE, even if it was scheduled to happen in the main event of Wrestlemania the star power of both women can sell the show in minutes, but instead it was given to us and a random Raw episode simply means that it was not planned nor built it just happened for happening sake and the worst of it was that Charlotte Flair won match


WWE have misused Nakamura since you came over to the main roster most of his dream matches has always happened on raw some of them include with Rey Mysterio Randy Orton and others but the most important of them all is against Daniel Bryan. Coming over to WWE in 2016 shinsuke Nakamura had one man in mind he had one vision one goal in mind which was to have a match with Daniel Bryan but unfortunately when he signed with WWE Daniel Bryan retired because of injury, but 2018 Bryant made a comeback simply telling us that the match is still on and that it can happen anytime soon the way we were showing all signs that the match was going to take place at a pay-per-view in 2019 for the Intercontinental champion but it didn't happen. I personally was thinking that the match was going to take place at WrestleMania 36 in 2020 but it didn't happen. But on January 2021 in the first round of The gauntlet match that took place or SmackDown to determine who was going to first Roman Reigns for the universal champion at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view, Daniel Bryan met shinsuke Nakamura in that dream match are that every fan has been clamoring for and that was it shinsuke Nakamura defeated Daniel Bryan to start up The gauntlet. personally myself I was not expecting this match to happen in a just a random gauntlet that took place unannounced, unplanned, unbuilt on Smackdown. I was expecting them to have a feud which was going to lead to the dream match in a pay-per-view.


As you can see in the thumbnail it is still a debate on who is the greatest NXT women's champion of all time. Instead of building a dream match between this great stars to know who really wants the best in NXT. WWE opted give us the match freely in a throwaway December 2020 episode of Monday Night Raw. I was totally disappointed with WWE for giving us such a money match in a wasteful form. I was totally thinking that shayna baszler is going to face Asuka for the first time at the 2021 Royal Rumble pay-per-view. But instead WWE opted for a dark tag team title match which was wholly disappointing.


One day in November of 2019 I was going through an article in bleacher report, with the heading 25 dream matches that we will never get to see, among those matches was Rey Mysterio vs AJ styles. Also in WWE website they posted an article saying what will happen when the master of 609 meet the phenomenal One. But what surprised me was that few days after reading the article from bleacher report a Mysterio was fighting AJ styles for the United States champion in a match where mysterious replaced the injured Humberto carrillo. The match was not even built it is not even announced and he didn't have any story it was just a throwaway match that wasn't as good as it would have been if it was given the right placement and the right story. This is simply one of the biggest mistake WWE has ever made because this match would have been a draw match that would have drawn so many fans to come and watch a dream match which they have been clamoring for, for a very long time.

Guys this is it, if there was any one I forgot, don't hesitate to put it in the comments section below.

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