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Argentina Beating Brazil at Maracana May be a Foreboding of England and Italy Game Tonight

Let me start like K1 De Ultimate.. Ewa gbo, ewa gbo, ewa gbo! (Come and hear, come and hear)

Nigeria's D"Tigers defeated the almighty USA Basket team last night 90:87 in a pre-Olympic friendly. It is the first time ever an African team will beat any USA basketball side - whether sleeping or fully awake.

In case the feat does not hit you as a larger than life event, remember the last time the two Goliath and David met at the modern day Valley of Elah, the London Olympics of 2012, USA annihilated, humiliated, defaced, massacred....let me halt a bit, Nigeria 156:73. You can see it was more than double. In fact, the Nigerian supporters club in the basketball court that day did not know they were not holding a church service and had already started moaning (or was it singing) in heavy tone "everything na double double, na double double..."

We were even gifted free scoring to get to 73 points as Lebron James and his boys, probably thinking these were our fellow dark people. Oh, we are Africans too forget the saying African-Americans, threw the ball to the Nigerian guys on few occasions, and cleared up the way for free passage for us to score to lessen the score from a triple ratio to a double double the supporters club unconsciously sang about.

That feat today is unprecedented. Take that home my people. Maybe you're thinking USA did not put their best there.. Well, Kevin Durant was there o, Jayson Tatum, Damian Lillard, Draymond Green, Kevin Love and Bam Adebayo all on parade. What remain?

Meanwhile, before I go, hear this too.

Messi, a man who, on the soccer pitch is an irony of his name, also recorded an unprecedented feat today at the lions' den. Argentina won Copa America by beating Brazil inside their mother's womb - the most iconic stadium in the world, the Maracana in front of their papas, mamas, brothers, sisters, brethren, pikins, foetuses, president, politicians, teachers, students, coaches, clergymen, voodooists, witches, jaguars, ..what remains?

That man Messi had suffered untoward abuse, disgrace, recriminations, slander, libel... losing his past four finals and crying like some of those creche babies in their first time at school, but today it was testimony o. Uhn uhnn uhnn. Lobatan, lobatan!

Now as I go, let us look at something of a premonition to what might happen in the evening today...... Brazil and Argentina played the final. Brazil was the host and went into the final playing at home early morning today.

It was the host playing in their fortress. It was the host who lost.

What does that say about England and Italy today? I leave you till later today.

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