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FIFA World Cup

Two Legends one Birthday.

Legends are people who leave indelible marks on whatever profession or career they chose for themselves. Football has never been short of Legends, people who really made us fall in love with the beautiful game. People like Maradona, Beckenbauer, Pele, Cruyff, Marta and so on.

Talking about Legends Iker Casillas and Petr Cech are two legendary goalkeepers are manned their goal like soldiers defending their territories. How often do you see greats like these two share a birthday? These goalkeepers have won so much in the game that only a few others can boast of, between them they have over 40 trophies and have played at some of the best clubs in the world. Let’s take a look at their trophy collection.

Iker Casillas.

DOB: May 20, 1981

Nationality: Spain.

Clubs played: Real Madrid, Porto.


5x Spanish Champions

2x Spanish cup winner

1x World Cup winner

2x European Champion

4x Spanish super cup winner

1x Portuguese champion

2x FIFA club World Cup winner

1x under-20 World Cup winner

3x intercontinental cup winner

2x UEFA super cup winner

2x Portuguese super cup winner


DOB: May 20, 1982

Nationality: Czech Republic

Clubs played: Chelsea, Arsenal ....


4x EPL Champion

1x Champions League winner

5x English FA cup winner

3x English League cup winner

1x Europa League winner

1x European under-21 champion

6x English super cup winner.

You can see that they have won so much and deserve their status as Legends of the game. We say a happy birthday to them and thank them for the many memories we almost can never forget.

Cheers to Greatness.

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