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Opinion: My take on Chelsea's participation in the European Super League

Wow. It's been years since I started supporting this wonderful football club. So many memories have been made along the way - from the little successes of the pre-Abramovich era, to Jose Mourinho's first spell in charge, and of course, that lovely final in Munich, where we lifted our first ever Champions League trophy. I've always said countless times that I would continue supporting this club forever. "Blue till I die" used to be my personal slogan, along with millions of other Blues fans worldwide.

Well, I don't know if I can continue any longer. Not after what you've just done.

News and rumours about a potential breakaway league, the European Super League, have been in circulation for a very long while now. But on Sunday, these rumours started spreading like literal wildfire as reports claimed that several of Europe's elite football clubs had accepted the offer to join. It especially gave me severe chills when I learnt that the traditional 'top six' in England had all agreed to join this breakaway Super League, and I hoped fervently that these reports would be untrue.

Unfortunately, the club - as well as the other clubs involved - have released a statement indeed confirming their involvement in the breakaway Super League. And I have to say I am extremely disappointed, to say the least.

It is obvious even to the blind that this move was taken all because of money and greed. The financial incentives involved in joining the Super League are pretty handsome, but is that enough reason for these so called big clubs to negatively distort the shape of world football? I didn't want to, but I eventually read through the statement you put out affirming your involvement in the super league. And I was disappointed as expected. You raised financial issues and the current economic state of the current model of football as a concern. Who is having economic problems? Chelsea?? Our Chelsea? The same one that spent over £200million on players during the summer? The same one that is planning to spend £100million on Romelu Lukaku, or £150million on Erling Haaland? Is that the same club citing financial issues as reason?

It's a shame you have to be a part of the movement which will be remembered for killing football. Because these domestic leagues will become far less attractive and by implication, far less lucrative, and this means even much more problems for the smaller clubs, who were already struggling financially due to the covid-19 pandemic. They are the ones supposed to be complaining of financial and economic hardship, not you elites! Not domestic football in England, the heart of the beautiful game, is definitely going to be gone. Lots of smaller clubs will have to fold. All thanks to the greed of you elites.

I am embarrassed and disappointed by your decision, to say the least. Nevertheless, it will be hard for me to just stop supporting the club I love so much. I am not happy with you - millions of your fans are not happy with you - but I still love you nonetheless. So I am probably going to keep supporting you even after this selfish decision you have taken. But it will not feel the same. No, it can never feel the same again.

I just hope it will be worth it.

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