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Top 10 Football Teams With The Most Brilliant Counter-Attack Strategies

Multiple Football Clubs have adapted the counter-attack strategy but few clubs are very good while performing this technique.

(1)Manchester UnitedManchester United are one of the best counter-attack team, They are able to move the attack towards their opponent's goalpost as fast as possible.

(2)FC BarcelonaBarcelona's counter-attack is very different and fast compared to other teams, they attack their opponents with low, short and direct passes.

(3)Bayern Munich

 This team are able to play a counter-attack and target man strategy, once the ball has been snatched from their defense, this team would play a long and direct pass to any teammate that is available.

(4)Arsenal FCOn multiple occasions this club have scored unbelievable counter-attack goals, they are able to start an attack from their keeper's post and make sure they play direct passes to each other till they score a goal.

(5)Borussia DortmundThis club base their counter-attack on their wingers, once the ball has been worked from any part of the field, the ball is passed to any winger, the winger is expected to dribble the ball into a close range or play an early cross to a teammate.

(6)Real Madrid

This team's wing back defenders are expected to work the ball to the center midfield, if their opponent's defense is disarranged, a sudden long pass is expected from any midfielder.

(7)Manchester CityThis team's counter-attack is very simple and fast because this team are trained to play direct passes to each other, anytime a chance opens, a long pass is expected to take place.

(8)Juventus FCThis team are trained to play the ball to the wingers, either the winger dribbles the ball to a close range or he is expected to play a high cross.

(9)Inter MilanUnlike most team's, once a counter-attack opportunity shows, all players available at the area would dash towards the goalkeeper, before getting too close to the keeper any player with a clear shot is allowed to take it.

(10)Paris Saint GermainThis team's counter-attack is specifically to stress the opponent's defense, wingers are expected to dribble the opponent's defenders and score, sometimes they would build an attack and allow a huge number of teammates available at close range.

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