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WWE:4 wrestlers that have defeated Roman Reigns in a one on one match

Roman reigns is one of the top superstars of our generation. For years, he's been a top face in WWE. It's quite true that he's had ups and downs in his career over the years but he is still one of the best.

He's often referred to as the new John Cena, due to his never give up attitude. Thus, it's very difficult to see Roman lose in a match. Even with his never give up attitude, he's come up short several times in the course of his career.

In this article,we will be looking at 4 wrestlers who have actually defeated the big dog in one on one showdown. Before we proceed,kindly like, share and follow for more interesting articles.

Let's get to it.

Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt beat Roman Reigns at Battleground in 2015 with the help of Luke Harper interfering in the match. Wyatt and Reigns are expected to face each other one time or the other onSmackDown but this time, Bray will be the fiend.

The Miz

On the 25th Anniversary of Raw, The Miz won the Intercontinental Title off of Reigns for his 8th IC title. The Miz did hold the evade of the B-Team still which was Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas. The A-Lister has proven that he's very smart over and over again and has pulled off most important wins against superstars like John Cena and Reigns.

Samoa Joe

Back in 2017 on a February episode of Raw, Joe would defeat Reigns by pinfall after a disturbance from Braun Strowman. It was one of the few times Reigns in reality looked scared, as Strowman was adventing down the ring but Reigns would bump him off the ring. Joe would obtain a pan on Reigns and be successful by pinfall.

Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon beat Reigns at Super ShowDown while on his "Best in the World" run. McMahon had the evade of at this instant undercurrent WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. 

Shane-O-Mac's lane went on extremely stretched and he had roughly outlandish wins against opponents that he had no chance of defeating. It's big to think it over that he's not competing any longer and allowing wrestlers to grasp the highlight they deserve.

That's it people. The above wrestlers all hold victories over Reigns whether in a legit way or not.

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