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Check out the 10 best wrestling finishing ever.

There's nothing like the spectacle of professional wrestling. The gimmicks, The athletic feats, The storyline-- it's all just the best. But without the proper finisher, a wrestler might as well sign up to be a wrestler jobber. Go ahead; try to imagine Shawn Michaels with superkick or stone cold without his stunner. They'd be mid tier superstars at best, not the world wide icons they came to be with WWE new era upon us it's time to rank the best finisher in wrestling history based on how impressive the move is, how painful it looks, how it was booked, and just how nostalgic it makes us.

Some of our favorites that didn’t cut too much include Sting’s Scorpion Deathdrop; Perfect-plex; any Brainbuster, especially one above the turnbuckle; iShot Star Press; Bray Wyatt's sister Abigail; Chokeslam's Big Show (sorry, Kane); Torture Rack; Go to sleep; Doomsday Device; Texas Cloverleaf by Dean Malenko; Roddy Piper Sleep; Jeff Hardy Swanton bomb; and many more, perhaps. Let us know what we left in the list in the comments.

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