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Arsenal is the best football club in the world. It just needs these 4 things to be better. (Opinion)

Arsenal used to be the mighty football giants of the English premier league. They had so many records, medals and cups to their acclaim. They had produced so many football legends over the years who have gone ahead to become managers, and great players in other clubs. However, they are now fading, they are now failing and are falling. Arsenal is now a shadow of its formal self. A disappointment to their own fans, the subject of ridicule amongst non-arsenal fans and have totally fallen from grace to grass, to dust and are heading to nothing. The club’s board is also not helping matters as they just can’t seem to get a grip and put the club back to its right form.

They recently just signed in their newest manager, Mikel Arteta, December last year. He was also a player and former captain of Arsenal FC. Arteta seems to want to put the club in order with his style of play, the improvements he made to both the attack and defense of the club. However, the club’s management is not ready to release the needed funds for him to get the club back in shape.

Arsenal still has hope despite all and I will tell you 4 ways they can become the world's best football club.

1.  Signing good defenders 

Arsenal’s defense is one major problem the club has been facing. Their defense is always breaking and uncoordinated especially after a few minutes in a game. In their last match against liverpool, arteta had to change the formation to ‘totally defensive’ because he knew how disappointing their defense can be and they would not want to give away the chance Liverpool gave them to avoid embarrassment and mockery from critics.

 Arteta should sign Chris smalling, a center back from Man U if he is still available. He is quite good and his performance at Roma is compelling. If Roma don’t sign his transfer deal (though they seem to be going ahead with it), then maybe Arsenal can make their move to sign him.

2. Improving their attack

Arsenal’s attack under Arteta seems to be doing fine. They have scored well over 25 goals since he joined the team December last year. However, there is still much work to be done in their front so they can easily score goals. Arsenal needs fluidity and flexibility and a change of strategy for the front players. Strategies are available but getting used to these strategies by seem a little difficult and with time, Arteta who is well versed in Pep Guardiola’s style of play will ensure his team play even better than Man city.

3. Reducing their dependency

Arsenal is always depending on players which is not good especially for a club like theirs that is still improving. Depending on Aubameyang/Lacazette to score their goals or depending on Saka to play more defense as well as midfield is seriously causing lags in the team’s whole style of play. Mesut Ozil has also not been used recently due to a back injury. If he can resume soon, that should reduce their dependency and help their performance on the field.

4. Putting their money in the right places

The arsenal management board has refused to provide Arteta with the much needed funds to help the club improve in terms of new and resilient players. According to sources, Arteta might need over 150 million pounds to put the club in order. This might be a little challenging for the club as they have lost quite a lot due to the corona virus pandemic but with time, they should be able to put down money to make sure the club gets to its expected position. 


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