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Fifteen WWE stars who still wrestle at the age of 40

Being a professional wrestler is one of the hardest thing any individual can do.

Traveling on the road for more than three hundred days a year, regular practices and matches really make the wrestler look old and worn out.

Injury is one of the major things that wane or deteriorates the ability of a wrestler, some wrestlers retire early due to injuries while some have died of heart attack which resulted from the pain and injuries they subjected themselves while wrestling.

Surprisingly, most wrestlers despite getting to the age of forty, they still look strong and still perform excellent in the ring.

Following are fourteen WWE wrestlers who are over the age of 40 but still wrestle.

1. R-truth - 48 years old

2. The big show - 48

3. MVP - 46

4. Edge - 46

5. Shelton Benjamin - 45

6. Titus O'neil - 43

7. John Cena - 43

8. Bobby Roode - 43

9. Bobby Lashly - 43

10. Aj Styles - 43

11.Brock Lesner - 42

12. Jeff hardy - 42

13. Sheamus - 42

14. Samoa Joe - 41

15. Randy Orton - 40

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