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UEFA Champions League

CHELSEA VS KRASNODAR: If You Can Answer 3 Out Of This 10 Question, Then You Are a True Die Hard Fan

Tomorrow The blues will be playing against Krasnodar, and it promises to be an exciting Match as we would be expecting lots of actions tomorrow.

Today we would be testing the real die hard fans of Chelsea football club. We organized a quiz relating to the Chelsea Vs Krasnodar Champions league match Tomorrow and also other previous UCL match of Chelsea, if you can get 3 out of 10 then you are really a die hard fan.

1)Who has scored the highest number of UCL goals for Chelsea football club in the champions league competition?.

2)Who was the coach of Chelsea when they won the UCL?.

3)In what year did Chelsea will the Champions league?.

4)What Is The Name Of Chelsea Current Assistant Coach And head coach?.

5)What was the final score of Chelsea's last match against Sevilla?.

6)Who was Chelsea goal keeper, when they played against Sevilla?.

7)Who was the UEFA man of the match after the Champions league final match?.

8)Who was the fans man of the match after the Champions league final match?.

9)What was the final score after the Champions league final match?.

10) what is your prediction for tomorrow match "CHELSEA vs KRASNODAR"?.

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