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Premier League

See the Premier League Record held by Man. United's Scott Mctominay.

Football records are great achievements set by either players or the team that they play for. Either way, the players represent a club and records they set will be attributed to the players as well as the teams they play for.

While great performances lead to the setting and breaking of records, underwhelming performances also do the same. Only this time, such records are the unwanted ones. Meaning that unwanted records come as a result of underwhelming performances while great records come as a result of great performances. For Mctominay, we don't know how to qualify his own record.

In this note, let's take a look at the Premier League record held by Scott Mctominay.

In the month of December 2019, Manchester United's Scott Mctominay did some that no one has ever done in the Premier League. By doing so, he created a new record for his action.

In less than a minute into the game, Scot Mctominay threw himself into a challenge on Newcastle's Mathew Longstaff and ended up getting yellow carded. To be precise, the yellow card was awarded to him in the 24th seconds of the match.

That early booking earned him the earliest booking in the history of the Premier League. He is the player to get the earliest yellow card from the first whistle of a Premier League match.

In fact, many could even argue that he was lucky to have only earned just a yellow card for his challenge on Mathew Longstaff. His challenge they opined to be worth a red card to have come so early in the game.

Although, this is still a record, it is an unwanted one. I do not think that teams would tell their players to try to break such a record. In the same vein, players won't set the breaking of such records as their personal ambition.

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