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AFCON 2022: List Of Qualified Nations Without Considering Their Final Games

As the AFCON 2022 Participating Nations are getting known even before the final games, there is a need for us to unveil Nations that are already through to the Finals.

Guinea and Mali are through to the finals of AFCON 2022 mundia after Mali defeated chazd by 3-0. Even if Namibia beat Guinea in the final showdown, their 9 points will amount to nothing. In other words, congratulations to Guinea and Mali.

Only Sao Tome and Principe is the only country that is far from qualifications in Group C. If Ghana beat or drew Sao Tome they will be on 13 or 11 points while if 3rd placed Sudan beat or drew South Africa will have 10 points or 12 points. It signals that this group is opened and anything can happen. If Ghana lost to Sao Tome and Sudan and South Africa drew 2-2 Ghana will rely on head to head or goals Difference to sail through.

Congratulations to Gabon and Gambia because they are already in AFCON 2022 Finals. Even if DR Congo beat Gambia, 9 points will change nothing in this group.

In group F, only Cameroon can boast of qualifications. If Rwanda beat Cameroon and Mozambique defeated Cape Verde, Rwanda will occupy 2nd Position with 8 points to join Cameroon. It means Cape Verde needs a draw or outright win against Mozambique.

I'm Group G, even if Kenya beat Togo to earn 7 points, nothing will harm Egypt and Comoros qualifications. It's a done deal.

In group H, Algeria and Zimbabwe have done it. Even if Botswana beat Algeria, the victory won't count on AFCON Qualifiers, it will only go down in historic Pride. Congratulations to Zimbabwe and Algeria.

Even if Tanzania beat Libya, 7 points won't qualify them as Tunisia and Equitoria Guinea are in the finals already.

If Madagascar beat Niger BLACK AND BLUE, and Ethiopia humiliated Ivory Coast, there could be chance for Madagascar on 10 points only to check head to head or goals Difference against Ivory Coast because Ethiopia will be on 12 points while the Ivorians and Madagascan will both be on 10. It could still go the way of the 3 teams.

Only the Super Eagles of Nigeria are through to AFCON. If Sierra Leone beat Benin Republic very well, they can turn Benin's 7 points to a useless 1 while they use theirs to get an AFCON ticket. It all depends on the outcome of games between Sierra Leone and Benin Republic.

Aside South Sudan, any one can qualify in Group B. If South Sudan beat Bukina Faso and Malawi beat Uganda, it will be Bukina Faso and Malawi qualifying but if Uganda beat Malawi, they will be on 11 points going through on points. Only Burkina Faso looks favoured.

Morroco is through in Group E but Burundi can qualify if they beat Morroco and Mauritania lost to Central African Republic. It means Burundi can join Morroco with 8 points.

Senegal are also through to the Finals. The 2nd spot lie between Congo and Guinea-Bissau, who ever won sail through but if they drew, the table remains same way.

In conclusion, Nigeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal, Algeria, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Comoros, Equitoria Guinea, Guinea, Mali, Gabon, Gambia and Cameroon are through while we wait on the final rounds of games to determine the rest of the Nations. Who do you see join these league? Follow for more.

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