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Active Wrestlers John Cena has never beaten, and others he is undefeated against in WWE.

John <a class=Cena will appear on WWE RAW and SmackDown"/>

John Cena will appear on WWE RAW and SmackDown

John Cena continues to fill chapters in his storied career in WWE. He has faced countless WWE Superstars over multiple generations. His list of opponents is as vast and varied as anyone's.

Naturally, there are multiple Superstars against whom Cena is undefeated. A few of them are currently in WWE. Similarly, the Hollywood star has failed to defeat a few active stars as well.

Let's take a look at three Superstars John Cena has never beaten in WWE singles matches, along with another three who have never beaten Cena.

#6 John Cena has never beaten Roman Reigns (0-3)

John Cena's most recent return to WWE was to face Roman Reigns. The two biggest stars of their respective eras have taken each other on multiple times over the years.

While they have been on opposite sides in tag team matches during the days of The Shield, Cena and Reigns have had three singles matches against each other. One of them was on September 2017 at the No Mercy pay-per-view.

Roman Reigns defeated John Cena to further his claim as WWE's biggest star that night. He did so again at two other live events, including one at Madison Square Garden to retain the Intercontinental Championship.

John Cena will look to break his draught against the Universal Champion at SummerSlam if Reigns accepts the challenge. Or the 16-time world champion might go 0-4 against Roman Reigns in a few weeks.

#5 John Cena is undefeated against Bobby Lashley (1-0)

He may not have beaten Roman Reigns yet, but John Cena has a victory over WWE's other dominant World Champion. The Cenation Leader has faced Bobby Lachly once during his first run with WWE.

Cena defeated Lashley at The Great American Bash in July 2007 to retain the WWE Championship in what was one of the best matches of the latter's career. This would prove to be Bobby Lashley's last match in WWE before his return to the company more than a decade later.

The All-Mighty has been far more successful this time around. His partnership with MVP has revitalized his career. A potential match between him and John Cena would be an even more competitive affair now than it was 14 years ago.

Lashley and Cena did team up for a few high-stakes matches as well. They have ranged from handicap matches against Shane McMahon, Umaga, and The Great Khali, to pay-per-view bouts in Australia against Elias and Kevin Owen

#4 John Cena has never beaten Neville (0-1)

One of John Cena's WWE career's most exciting times was when he was the United States Champion in 2015. He would hold open challenges each week and defeat all his opponents. However, Neville was not defeated by Cena.

Now with AEW as PAC, the former WWE Superstar answered John Cena's open challenge in May 2015. He won the match by disqualification after Rusev attacked him, but did not win the United States Championship. This remains the only match Cena has had with Neville, meaning he's yet to beat the AEW star.

#3 John Cena is undefeated against Baron.

One of John Cena's throwaway matches in the past few years came against Baron Corbin at SummerSlam 2017. He took on the man who had just lost his Money in the Bank cash-in to Jinder Mahal, soundly defeating him in around ten minutes. This was a damaging defeat for Corbin.

The former general manager of RAW lost to Cena on two other occasions, the first of which was on a January 2017 episode of SmackDown. The WWE legend would also beat Corbin at a Madison Square Garden live event in 2018

1 John Cena is undefeated against Rey Mysterio (2-0)

John Cena has had some legendary battles against veteran superstars since the mid-2000s. He shared intense rivalries with Randy Orton, Edge, and Batista. However, Cena has barely faced off against another legendary figure from the Ruthless Aggression Era - Rey Mysterio.

The 16-time world champion has only had two singles matches against the masked superstar. John Cena's first match against Mysterio came on a November 2003 episode of SmackDown.

In a more consequential one, the two ultra-babyfaces faced each other in a WWE Championship match in July 2011. Rey Mysterio had just won the belt at the start of an episode of RAW but had to defend it against Cena later that night.

The Leader of the Cenation won the WWE Title after a competitive match. He would be interrupted by CM Punk, who returned to WWE eight days after "leaving" the company at Money in the Bank.

John Cena and Rey Mysterio were back on the same team during a dark match following this week's episode of SmackDown

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