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3 Ways WWE Could Book The Return Of Brie And Nikki Bella

Brie and Nikki Bella are now WWE Hall of Famers after they both became Divas Champion during their legendary careers. The Bella Twins have also gone on to push the Women's Division forward to a new generation, with both "Total Divas" and "Total Bellas" on the E! Network.

Nowadays, both women are mothers and successful businesswomen outside of the company. But the former champions have made it clear that they would be open to returning to WWE in the future.

Of course, Nikki and Brie retired from WWE in 2019 before it was revealed that both stars were expecting children. Nikki went on to give birth to her first son, Matteo last year, while Brie also welcomed her second child, Buddy into the world.

It's been almost a year since Nikki and Brie Bella welcomed new additions to their family, so it could be time for WWE to start planning the return of the twins. Here are just five potential ways the Bellas could come back to WWE.

1 Nikki Bella and Charlotte pick up where they left off in WWE in 2015

Nikki Bella became the longest-reigning Divas Champion of all time in 2015 before she was defeated by  Charlotte Flair  at WWE Night of Champions. Bella then failed to regain her Championship at Hell in a Cell before she went on hiatus from WWE for nearly a year.

Interestingly, Bella then made her return on SmackDown, where she went on to feud with both Carmella and Ronda Rousey. But she has failed to cross paths with Charlotte over the past six years.

At the moment, Charlotte is in the position where she could miss WrestleMania because she was recently sidelined with COVID-19. WWE has replaced The Queen in the RAW Women's Championship match against Asuka with Rhea Ripley.

AdvertisementIt's unclear when Charlotte will be welcomed back to WWE programming. But if the company wants a ready-made feud, Nikki Bella could easily step up and challenge the most decorated female wrestler of all time.

After all, Nikki was once the longest-reigning Divas Champion, and she gave Charlotte her first main roster Women's Championship. By revisiting this feud, WWE could bring the story full circle.

2 Daniel Bryan could bring Brie Bella back to WWE SmackDown

This path could be seen as a step backwards because Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan have worked together on WWE programming in the past. But having Bryan bring Brie back could be an easy route for The Bella Twins' return.

Bryan is looking to become a part-time wrestler in the near future, and he might want to work with his wife one more time before he makes this change.

Based on the way Edge and Bryan have been feuding on SmackDown, there could still be some issues remaining between the two after WrestleMania. This continuing rivalry could allow both Beth Phoenix and Brie Bella to enter the mix.

Bringing Phoenix and Bella into the storyline would potentially prolong the feud between Bryan and Edge, and it would welcome Brie Bella back to WWE TV. She could then compete in a tag team match, rather than a singles bout, to shake off any ring rust. From there, she could also reunite with Nikki.

3. The Bella Twins could be the focus of Evolution 2 if WWE does a second show

AdvertisemenThe Bella Twins were a huge part of the first-ever all women's  WWE  show, Evolution in 2018. Nikki Bella main evented the show against Ronda Rousey, but the former Divas Champion was unable to defeat The Baddest Woman on the Planet. even with her sister at ringside. As of this writing, this match marks her final singles bout in WWE.

Nikki announced her retirement from the company shortly thereafter, and she hasn't wrestled for the company ever since.

The Bella Twins are a polarizing duo, but it's hard to argue that there are any other women who could pull in fans like Nikki and Brie. If WWE decides to pull the trigger on a second Evolution show without Rousey, then The Bella Twins could definitely be the faces of the event.

Whether Nikki and Brie would be added to the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship picture remains to be seen, as WWE often changes its plans. But there are numerous ways the twins could be involved at this potential pay-per-view.

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