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Why Some Football Pitches Are Bigger Than Others

If you have been a fan of football then there is something that you should have noticed about the dimensions of different football pitches matches are played on.

For instance, one would notice that FC Barcelona's stadium, the Camp Nou, has a bigger pitch than Fulham's stadium, Craven Cottage, which hosts league matches in England.

Photo Credit: Barca Blaugranes

Photo Credit: Fulham FC

One may wonder why the difference in the pitch size and why is it allowed.

According to FIFA rules and regulations regarding the dimension of a pitch in law one of the game allows the pitch of play to fall within the range of a specified measurement.

The law states that, the minimum measurement of the touchline should be 90 meters (100 yards) and maximum should be 120 meters (130 yards) and the goal line should have a minimum of 45 meters (70 yards) and a maximum of 90 meters (100yards).

Photo Credit: FIFA Rules Book

For international matches the law allows the dimension of the touchline to be a minimum of 100 meters (110 yards) and maximum of 110 meters (120 yards) and for the goal line to be a minimum of 64 meters (70 yards) and maximum of 75 meters (80 yards).

That is to say, if the dimension of the pitch falls within the range of these measurements them it has satisfied the FIFA law one of the game, as regarding dimensions.

Hence, one pitch may be 100 × 64 meters and another be 110 × 75 meters and still be considered within the standard measurement of the pitch, which explains why some football pitches are bigger than others in professional football.

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