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Which Of These Stories That Happened Long Time Ago Did You Hear Or Witness

Below are the stories that happened long time ago in the early 90s and 80s some of these stories were believed to be fake and some were believed to be real and there are some people that are still alive today who saw some of these things.

This post is meant to take your mind back to your childhood life or your adult life but some of these stories were real.

The first story I will be telling you about is the story of the India 🇮🇳 vs Nigeria 🇳🇬 world cup 🏆.

This was a very interesting story to people that never witnessed this football match because a lot of stories were behind it.

And in the history of Nigerian football record this story will always appear because it's the first time ever for Nigeria to receive a total goal of 99 - 1 in a match, it's unbelievable.

When my elders are telling me about the football match I will be like " how did Indian score this goal in one match " and I never believed it to be real till I made research on it and I found out it was true.

Many things happens the day this football match was played, it was believed that Indian used voodoo to play the match and that was why they were able to score such number of goals in a match and that many unimaginable things happened in the football field while the match was still going on.

It was recorded that Nigerian players that were on the field saw many things that made them not to play well due to the voodoo That was used by their opponents.

Looking at this story there is nothing fake about it because since that incident India was baned from participating in any football match in the world till date they have never participated in the Fifa world cup.

And the worst part of the story was that a popular Nigerian player Sam Okparaji was recorded dead after he forced the football into the net of their opponents which is the one they score .

The second story is the Nigerian Civil war that happened long time ago but not too long because many that witnessed the war are still alive till date.

This was a very terrible and sorrowful time to those that witnessed it, this war happened in 1967 to 1970 and it was a whole lot of suffering to Nigerians and Biafrans the time it happened.

My Father used to tell us every single thing that happened during the war because my father was 30 years old when the war broke out and he went to war back then, according to him that war was something that should never repeat again because it was a whole lot of suffering to everyone.

Many died and things were destroyed that time, It's good to sit with your parents and they lecture you more on things that happened many years ago.

My father told me much about the war he told me the kind of guns they used that time that it was called "mag four" and that the war was fought for 3 years and I start to imagine 3 years of suffering running from one place to another.

He said that children and women were killed and some parents abandoned their children to save their own lives. And that children suffered an illnesses call "kwashoko " which infected many children due to lack of food and water .

This was is a history that we Nigerians will never forget because our brothers and sisters died that time and many beautiful thing we're destroyed. It's an unforgettable memory .

The third story is about the " Ghana 🇬🇭 must Go bag and how it came up"

It was recorded that this incident happened when Shegu shahari was the president of Nigeria that an incident happened and Immigrants that were residing in Nigeria were told to go back to their various countries and it was mostly the Ghanaians.

But the name Ghana must go was as the result of the bag they used to pack their properties because it was a big bag that can contain many things so they gave the bag the name "Ghana must go"

The fourth story is about the Strong Man from igbo land Known as "Killwill" Nwachukwu. This man was said to have some extraordinary strength that no one could beat him those days and no body could challenge him in a fight.

I watched a YouTube interview of the uncle of Killwill he said that he once helped an old woman to carry her bags to a river side and the woman blessed him but it was said that the woman was a spirit.

And I'll will started becoming more stronger that people could imagine. My dad told me that he once came to their school because he used his strengths for entertainment.

That he used to call out then students and they would start punching his stomach and he would not even shake or feel the pain. He really had an extraordinary strength.

The fifth story is about a spirit that was said to exist in boarding schools called " Lady Koikoi"

This was believed to be a spirit that disturbs student by walking in the stairs and in their hostels at night and that the only thing students hear is the sound of her shoe on the stairs and that was how they gave her the name lady koi koi.

Some said it was just a story made up to put fear into some students by their seniors and some believe it to be real but the funniest part is that no one ever saw her but students said they heard the sound of her shoes on the stairs. It's ridiculous

The last story is about a prophetic and occultic pastor who was popularly known as "Eddy Nawgu.

This man did many things in his time and it was recorded that he started as a pastor and at a certain time he diverted to his real aim which means he used that thing of a being a pastor was to divert people's attention.

When I was a kid I heard many things about this man and how he used many people to do the foundation of his ministry in Anambara state and when I was doing my research I saw this calendar of him that existed many some ago so am adding the picture here in this article.

Eddy Nawgu died a painful death which he was killed by a newly introduced security agency named " Bakassi" they tortured and killed him.

Here are the calendar.

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