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NIGERIA: Why It is The Gaint Of Africa?

Nigeria is a country in Africa, although they might be many crisis in the country, the nation is still regarded to be strong no matter the circumstances. Nigeria flag is represented with Green White Green, the greens symbolize natural wealth and the white represent peace and unity in the nation.

Nigeria is often regarded to as the Giant of Africa, there are reasons for that. Nigeria is not just popular in Africa same goes to the world, Nigeria is recognized all over the globe.

Nigeria are noticed to have many problems but the truth is that no one can solve this problems expect for Nigerians.

The reasons why people consider Nigeria as the gaint of Africa are the following:


Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa with over 206 million people as at 2020 and also the 7th most populated country in the world after China, India, USA, Indonesia, Brazil and Pakistan.


Nigeria is the country with the largest economy in Africa with an annual GDP of about $442 billion. Although Africa dominate the GDP growth rate in the world but Nigeria top that. Nigeria is also the only Africa country to be listed among the “Next Eleven” economies poised to become the biggest economies in the 21st century. The Nigerian economy is the 4th fastest growing in the world.

Crude Oil is one of the source of Nigeria wealth and Nigeria are able to build strong infrastructure, Universities, Telecoms, TV, Arts (Nigeria hosted FESTAC 77), Music, Poetry and other literary works, national airline (Nigeria Airways) that was the best in Africa, sports (Nigeria dominated the all Africa Games for years) military, although Corruption has brought the country to its knees.


Due to the wealth, it made it possible for Nigeria to exert political influence in the world and at the UN, particularly independence for the rest of Africa through the OAU (now called AU).

Nigeria has Africa’s largest university educated population of approximately 35 million.

Nigeria has Africa’s largest and most prosperous middle class of approximately 50 million.

Nigeria has one of the top 3 most powerful military forces in Africa.

Nigeria is the first and only black country in the world where cars are locally manufactured, although it is not assembled.

Nigeria is the first African country to launch a space satellite.

Nigeria has been noticed to be the fastest growing construction industry in the world.

Nigerians are the most exposed and traveled people in Africa. There are Nigerians in every country on Earth!

Although not everyone agrees to the fact that Nigeria is the Gaint of Africa due to the fact that they claims Nigeria has no influence on other Africa countries despite their Wealth, Population and Political influence.

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